It’s not just a studio to us, it’s something that we like to do, a hobby, something that we give our love doing and we do it as good as if it is done for ourselves only with no purpose to make some money but to produce a qualitative product.

You can’t do a good work without falling in love with it that is why we work only with the material that we enjoy working with.

Our best works are available in the “Projects” section. Practically all that you can find there was recorded in a down-home atmosphere with a cup of tea using this humble equipment list. We can optionally per artist’s request announce the works on the world’s most famous online market sources like: ITunes, Amazon mp3, OVI Nokia, Zune, MySpace Music etc. American Records studio also offers website development.

Do not hesitate to contact us when having any questions. You can get in touch with us either via email or via telephone. If you would like to cooperate with us send us a demo record and write a few words about yourself and we will get back to you.