Studios turned 1 year

Thu, 4 March, 2010

On March 3, a recording studio AMERICAN RECORDS celebrated a birthday. The action ended, the winner of which will be entitled to a free studio recording a song, stay tuned, soon we will announce the winner.

New album "Sokrushen"

Sun, 21 February, 2010
New album

Introducing the new album of the Kiev church "Vineyard" - "Sokrushen". About 2 months of work have brought good result, to listen to songs, please visit Projects

New Acoustic Guitar in studio - Tanglewood TW73 (R. L. Baggs M1A)

Sat, 20 February, 2010
New Acoustic Guitar in studio - Tanglewood TW73 (R. L. Baggs M1A)
Tanglewood TW73 (R. L. Baggs M1A)

All solid Canadian cedar top, all solid mahogany back & sides, small body with 12th fret neck join, natural satin finish. Pickup R. L. Baggs M1 used by artists such as David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Coldplay, Oasis, and e.t.c. Excellent sound, was used in the recording of album"Sokrushen" "Vineyard" Church (Pereplavka).

New studio monitors KRK RP6 G2

Wed, 10 February, 2010
New studio monitors KRK RP6 G2

Very linear sound of these monitors provide a full and accurate picture of the track, I want to mention a nice bottom edge of the playback range, despite the small physical size. Already been tested in the work and results are excellent

Working on an new album of Pereplavka

Sun, 10 January, 2010
Working on an new album of Pereplavka

We did good work today, we have finished recording percussions and harmonica, the album has different music styles, , and many people will love it not only in Ukraine but also far beyond. Shortly in the section "Projects" will be one of the songs from the new album of Pereplavka

New studio headphones AKG K240 MKII

Wed, 16 December, 2009
New studio headphones AKG K240 MKII

Awesome headphones, lightweight, adaptive design allows for a long time to work with it. Very flat frequency response with high accuracy transmits the sound of any track very good, not giving at the same any color to the sound, which is a prerequisite for studio use. Very pleased the quality and assembly place (Austria). On Saturday, God willing, will be the first test run, I remind all visitors that we will be recording "Pereplavka".

Recording vocals for the song "I do not want," Irina Konovalova

Thu, 3 December, 2009
Recording vocals for the song
Irina Konovalova

Irina — hip-hop artist, but today she surprised me by her vocal abilities in the chorus in the song "I do not want to", given that it is long not singing (from the words of Irina), just reading, that is inherent in this style, we did a good job. While recording vocals in this song is not finished yet, so how else should abstain to record a second participant group, song can be considered finished.

Svetlana Saykovskay recorded vocals for the song "In the autumn days of October"

Wed, 2 December, 2009
Svetlana Saykovskay recorded vocals for the song
Svetlana Saykovskaya

The new studio microphone has shown good results, of course we can not stress mastery of the voice of Mrs. Saykovsky, as they say "hats off" and it is not surprising, because quite self-critical attitude to his vocal data, Svetlana helps overcome any obstacles. An updated version of the song will soon be heard in the Projects section.

2 new demo tracks for the festival I'M HIPHOP-09

Fri, 20 November, 2009

Group "Tiger Soldiers" has recorded two tracks for the qualifying round of the festival
I'M HIPHOP- 09 (new window). listen to tracks can here

The new studio microphone RODE NT1-A

Sun, 15 November, 2009
The new studio microphone RODE NT1-A

To studio arsenal added a new studio microphones Australian company "RODE"

RODE NT1-A. Nominee magazine Electronic Musician 2004 Editor's Choice Award and the best low-noise studio condenser microphone in the world. In the upgraded version of the classic mic RODE NT-1 Total 5 dBA self-noise.

Due to the characteristics that can only be found in some of the most expensive microphones: a warm sound, dynamic range, clarity and ability to perceive a high level of sound pressure, NT1-A has become the industry standard. The surface of the microphone is processed durable gloss nickel-plated.

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