New track from Kedr Na Livane - "Love and My Heart"

Sun, 8 August, 2010
New track from Kedr Na Livane -
Kedr Na Livane

Work continues on the second album of Kedr Na Livane (Chicha), bring to your attention a new track - "Love and My Heart"

Fender Stratocaster '79 - new guitar in studio

Sat, 31 July, 2010
Fender Stratocaster '79 - new guitar in studio
Fender Stratocaster '79

American Fender Stratocaster '79 Custom Shop, pickups Fender Texas Special. Has already checked at the studio in recording debut album "Detached From This World". Work on the album is coming to an end, and soon you can hear its sound.

We work on new album of raper "Kedr Na Livane" (aka Chicha)

Sun, 6 June, 2010
We work on new album of raper
Kedr Na Livane

New song called "Koly Do Vlady Pryhodyat Bandyty", of raper "Kedr Na Livane" (aka Chicha) — winner of Holy Hip Hop 2009 festival, from his second album. You can listen full version of this song in projects

Ukrainian Beyonce

Tue, 1 June, 2010
Ukrainian Beyonce
Alina Gura

Young talented singer Alina Gura sang a song of hear favorite singer Beyonce - "If I Were A Boy", what came of it you can listen here

We work on debut album "Detached From This World"

Wed, 12 May, 2010
We work on debut album
Detached From This World

The long-awaited debut album from the group with 6-year experience, which will contain 10 original tracks, soon will please Sergey Pogrebnyak and Mary Kolodich admirers

GHOST — winner of the action to studio birthday recorded a new track!

Mon, 10 May, 2010
GHOST — winner of the action to studio birthday recorded a new track!

Winner of the action, rapper with three-year skill, member of Holy Hip-Hop League in 2010 (2009) - GHOST (Igor Druck), recorded a new track, which you can listen here

The new album "Pereplavka and Friends"

Thu, 22 April, 2010
The new album
Pereplavka and Friends

The legendary album "Pereplavka and Friends" recorded with Constantin Kosyachkov, Gesha Ushivets, Sergei Nosach (LPPL), Vyacheslav Bondarkov etc.

Listen to the songs in the section Проекты

The studio now in "VKontakte"!

Tue, 20 April, 2010
The studio now in

Now you have an opportunity to follow the studio news and announcements without leaving "VKontakte"!

Debut album of "Rap.It"

Tue, 13 April, 2010
Debut album of
Rap.It — Generation Of Christ

Svetlana Mikhailik and Natalia Zubkova from the hip-hop team "Rap.It" recorded their debut album entitled "Generation Of Christ", which features 10 songs from the beatmakers "Chefirbeats" and "Tim J".

The record involved: Tatyana Taran from the group "My Interpretation", performing the vocals in several songs, Eugene Melnychuk — vocals on the song "In Quest of the second half" with sax-player Vitaly Ermakov, Phillip Madava aka "Tiger Night " — a song "Generation", as well as children duet: Khryapa Vitalina and Masha Gulchenko in song "Step By Step".

Listen to the song in the demo version, you can at Projects

2 new albums

Thu, 1 April, 2010

We finish work on two new albums: "Pereplavka & Friends" ("Pereplavka") and "Generation Of Christ" ("Rap.It"). The album "Pereplavka & Friends" will go down 12 songs, this songs is well-known christian artists who "Pereplavka" sang a duet, here are some of them: Konstantin Kosyachkov, Gesha Ushivets, Sergei Lvov, Vyacheslav Bondarkov, Garden of Gethsemane, MOST, LPPL, KROKI, Svetlana Art, and of course Andrew Kolodich and Sergey Pogrebnyak ie "Pereplavka".

In debut album "Generation Of Christ" a young female hip-hop band "Rap.It" will include 10 songs, recorded as part known sax-player Vitaly Ermakov (TV-show "Dancing with the Stars"), Tatyana Taran (Band "My Interpretation ") and vocalist Eugene Melnychuk.

Stay tuned, in the section "Projects" could soon be listening to demos of these two new albums.

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