Monoteos-SkyDreams — new single

Tue, 5 June, 2012
Monoteos-SkyDreams — new single
Recording in the studio ERecords

Introducing the single from the group Monoteos-SkyDreams titled "What About longs Sky", which includes three tracks. Tracks were recorded in parts, the three studios: drums, vocals and acoustic guitar was recorded at the studio "E Records" in Elenovka, backing vocals and guitar akusicheskoy and bass guitar ("Labyrinth of Desire") were recorded in the studio American Records, and the guitar, bass guitar and backing vocals in the studio "" in London. Mixing and mastering - American Records.

Participated in the recording: Anton Samylkin (vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, lyrics), Daniel Gura (drums), Denis Semin (bass, backing vocals), Vladimir Pilarik (solo guitar, guitar), Roman Bandura (keyboards ), Konstantin Komarov (bass guitar "Labyrinths of Desire") Download for free or listen in the section Projects