Debut album of "Rap.It"

Tue, 13 April, 2010
Debut album of
Rap.It — Generation Of Christ

Svetlana Mikhailik and Natalia Zubkova from the hip-hop team "Rap.It" recorded their debut album entitled "Generation Of Christ", which features 10 songs from the beatmakers "Chefirbeats" and "Tim J".

The record involved: Tatyana Taran from the group "My Interpretation", performing the vocals in several songs, Eugene Melnychuk — vocals on the song "In Quest of the second half" with sax-player Vitaly Ermakov, Phillip Madava aka "Tiger Night " — a song "Generation", as well as children duet: Khryapa Vitalina and Masha Gulchenko in song "Step By Step".

Listen to the song in the demo version, you can at Projects